The team at Deep South Politics are some of the most talented operatives I have had the pleasure of working with. They are innovative and adept with a unique ability to tap into the pulse of the electorate. They were a valued member of our team during the 2018 cycle and I’m looking forward to working, and winning, with them again!”

Marcus Mason, Treasurer, Protecting Our Vote Super PAC

I have worked successfully with Deep South on many successful campaigns at local, state, and federal levels. Deep South is always attentive, observant, and smart in establishing an effective strategy. Most importantly, Deep South is very good in execution. From Voter Identification to GOTV, Deep South gets the job done.”

Greg Rigamer, President, BDPC, LLC

“I have worked well with Deep South over the past few years. Deep South brings a fresh and creative approach to each election and is always looking for the best strategy to suit each candidate. I always feel more at ease when I know that Deep South is on my team because I know that Deep South delivers.”

Victoria Short Coulon, Teddlie Stuart Media Partners