About Deep South Politics

Deep South Politics recognizes that politics is a team sport and that successful campaigns are a team sport. Our extensive experience in political campaigns means that we have strong working relationships with some of the finest pollsters, media firms and fundraising consultants in the state, local and national politics. We are able to leverage those connections to develop winning campaign plans. We believe in providing campaigns with a well articulated, written communication strategy that includes the target audience, message, concept, budget, and schedule for mail, phone, field and online/digital communications. Plans minimize last-minute surprises and provide an agreed-upon road map to victory.

We believe that direct voter contact is both an art and a science. Messages must be data-driven with good survey research and targeting. We use our years of political experience, our expertise in message development, and our cutting-edge designs to make sure that campaigns deliver the right message to the right voters at the right time.

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